Thursday, 29 December 2011

Today I Feel Like Eyes.


For Christmas I was very, very lucky with the things that I got and I even got some makeup related things too that, quite frankly, are to die for. The first thing that I want to share with you is an eyeshadow that every time I'd walk past in Boots I'd end up looking at it longingly for a good couple of minutes every single time. It just spoke to me. So I proudly present Bourjois eyeshadow in the shade '08'. It's the most finely milled shimmer, I'd use it specifically for my eyes but I tried it as highlight and it looks so nice on the cheekbones too. It works best when used with your fingers and it stands out significantly more when used with a primer (I use UD Primer Potion in 'Sin'). I can't believe I've never had this in my possession before, I was definitely missing out!
A. x

Fancy one for yourself?

Today I Feel Like Eyes.

It's been a while, I know. Merry Christmas!
I've done a festive look that I think would be lovely for New Years Eve, especially for those who want something different but aren't willing to go all out glitz . A bit of blue eyeliner and you're away.
Hope you like it, more looks to come!
A. x

I put a wash of Bourjois '08' eyeshadow across my whole lid with my finger and then with a medium sized brush pushed 'Money' from the UDNY pallet into the outer half of my eye and blended a tiny amount of matte brown on top of it. 
I then wet a small eyeliner brush and used 'Radium' to line my eyes, also from the Urban Decay New York pallet. My eyebrows are filled in with with a mix of black and dark brown powder with an angled brush. I then finished off with YSL Touché Eclat under my eyes and on my brow bone.

Today I Feel Like Cheeks.

Hey guys,
Benefit is a brand that I'm not all that familiar with but in the summer I came into possession of two of their cheek tints. I'd like to have my own little rave about them seeing as I'm now in possession of my very own blog. Well one of them anyway. Benetint is the good one of the two and I wore it everyday for the whole summer- I find tints very drying in the colder months. It gives you a flush that doesn't really look like you have any blusher on at all, rather you've just pinched your cheeks when no one was looking. However, Posietint doesn't really have much pigment at all to it and is more creamy which I feel makes it harder to blend.
Just my views on the matter. :) 
A. x