Monday, 10 October 2011

Today I Feel Like A Review.

Hi Everyone,
My very first review. Exciting, right? You betcha!
M.A.C Face & Body is the lucky product to be tried, tested and written about by me.
I'm not going to do what a million and one beauty bloggers out there do; I'm not a bore. Straight to the point, that's what I'm going to do. What? You want me to get on with it? ...Okay, I love this stuff. Hands down the best liquid on earth (apart from water of course, get glugging girls!) but it's actually pretty close to water in consistency.

I used to use liquid foundation as my go-to base but I just didn't feel like it was doing much for me so I converted to mineral powders and vowed never to go near a liquid again! After a year or so, I gave in and made a trip to my nearest M.A.C store and bought this beauty. It needs a good shake before use and a level surface- hand- to pour it onto as it's pretty runny but when applied to the skin, voila! .. Wait, where's the foundation? .. When did my skin get this good?

I've used this with a stippling brush, a traditional foundation brush and my hands but I find that using my trusty E.L.F Powder brush works the best. It literally melts into my skin and gives it a radiant glow. It's a slightly dewy finish, but a nice dewy not an '...ew' dewy and I find it lasts until around mid evening without primer or powder, even longer with one, to the day you die with both. I have combination/oily skin just for the record so you can see that this is a winner.

By no means is this full coverage, it's more than a tinted moisturiser and can be built up to medium coverage with layering. Alternatively, if you use with your hands, the warmth from them turns the foundation into a thicker consistency and gives a heavier coverage. Go over it with a brush to erase the fingerprints and you have perfection right there.

I have pretty good skin but it's unheard of for me to go a day without a spot or two and this foundation does pretty much nothing to cover up these but isn't that what concealer is for?

This foundation is pretty pricey at £25.50 but I feel it is totally worth it and I'm not usually one to spend my life's savings in one go, but for this I can justify it a hundred times over. Also, you get a whopping 120ml of product! Try that out for size.
A. x
Fancy one for yourself?

Today I Feel Like Blogging.

Hello Everyone,
My name is A. Just A. All the big stars nowadays only have one name, so I thought it was appropriate that I take that on board if I am to aim for the stars. I've been interested in makeup for as long as the good lord above gave me air but until recently, it was never really an obsession. That's a whole other story now. Being part of the superficial world that we live in, it's only natural to jump on the bandwagon. So today I felt like setting up my own beauty blogging site and here we are! So, I hope you like the things that I will be uploading (if anyone is actually reading this!) and we'll see how things go. 
May this be the start of a very happy relationship. 
The girl who loves makeup, 
A. x